February 19, 2014 – Life is like a slice of pizza

Posted by on Feb 19, 2014 in José Andrés Mora

YOU                    YOU               YOU        HAVE GOT                    YOU HAVE GOT TO               GRAB LIFE BY THE HORNS               DO NOT FEAR               IMAGINE THAT IT IS                    A SLICE OF PIZZA               AND YOU ARE THE LATEX GLOVED HAND PICKING ONIONS               YEAH YEAH          PUT ONIONS ON THAT SLICE                    AND PEPPER               YEAHYEAH                         PEPPEROOONI               GROUND BEEF                    THE WHOOOOOOLE WORKS                    ALLLL THE WAAAAY                              YOU      YOU               IT           IS UP TO YOU TO SOUP UP THAT SLICE         REMEMBER                    THAT THERE ARE NO ATM FEES TO ENJOYING LIFE