Daniel Laskarin

    to see forever only here

    A camera mounted onto a cantilevered pole is supported above the centre of 34 Silver Ave by a structural arm fastened onto the parapet. The pole and camera pivot in a slow ceaseless motion for the duration of six months sending a wireless video feed to a monitor a street level. The video monitor is housed within a steel box located next to the sidewalk. Looking into the box provides an otherwise unacceptable view of the city's horizon.

    After a career as a helicopter pilot/engineer, Daniel Laskarin turned to the visual arts as a field of equal, if dissimilar, danger. His practice is object based, materially and philosophically rooted; much of his work investigates the ways in which art can generate the sensory experience of consciousness. Some of his work does entirely other things. Understanding that the “expanded field” is blown utterly apart, he makes things that stay together, that find their own order in a condition of disorder, and that at the same time refuse that which orders everything. His diverse media incorporates photography and video, optics, robotics systems, installation and sound. He has been involved with set design, public image projections and large-scale public commissions in Vancouver and Seattle. He has exhibited in Canada and internationally, and teaches at the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Victoria in Western Canada.

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